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Dylan Ball, the former head of European equity strategies at Franklin Templeton, has embarked on a new and exciting venture with the launch of First Net Zero Investment Management. After a successful tenure of 16 years at Franklin Templeton, where he managed portfolios including the €165m Templeton Euroland and the €120m Templeton European Opportunities funds, Ball has taken a significant step in his career to focus on sustainable investing.

A spokesperson from Franklin Templeton confirmed Ball’s departure and his previous responsibilities overseeing approximately $2bn (€1.8bn) in assets. Ball’s role in leading the European equities team for over six years has been pivotal to the firm. Following his departure, the management of the aforementioned funds has been handed over to John Reynolds and Tian Qiu of the Templeton Global Equity Group. Reynolds, who joined the firm three years ago, now heads the European team, while Qiu, a veteran with 26 years at the company, takes on the role of portfolio manager.

Citywire Selector, in their coverage of this significant industry move, noted that Franklin Templeton has yet to announce a replacement for Ball as the head of European equities. The firm reassured that Ball’s departure will not affect the broader investment team or alter the firm’s investment approach and process.

At the core of Ball’s new venture, First Net Zero Investment Management, is a commitment to sustainability, particularly in alignment with the European Union’s net-zero goals. The company’s inaugural offering, the First Net Zero European Equity fund, is a testament to this commitment. The fund strategically allocates 80% of its portfolio to listed equities and the remaining 20% to late-stage private equity. It focuses on six key sustainable investment themes: renewable energy, energy efficiency in buildings and industries, sustainable transportation, agriculture and forestry, as well as waste and water management.

For more insights into Dylan Ball’s new journey with First Net Zero Investment Management and its innovative approach to sustainable investing, read more on CityWire Selector.

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