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Our vision is to build a modern investment house which leads the way globally in Net Zero thought leadership.

  • We think differently because we are different.
  • We think like long term investors because we are long term investors.
  • We think like business owners because we are business owners.

We will compete on a global stage with the world’s largest investment houses uniquely focused, from the outset on Net Zero investment opportunities. We will work across sectors and along supply chains to drive joined-up thinking in Net Zero. Within 5 years we will have created a hub for companies and investors alike to share their knowledge and experience on Net Zero best practice. We will engage with Governments, management teams, investors and regulators to be the go-to platform for Net Zero investments.



We are undertaking a wider approach to Net Zero investment. This begins with The First European fund. We believe the investment world is only just beginning to comprehend the scale of what lies ahead of it in terms of Net Zero. The first generation of investment products no longer look fit-for-purpose. We know the Equity leaders in many of Europe’s largest investment operations and have a clear understanding of how far behind they are. These funds are unable to move forward due to legacy asset bases and client relationships. We are not. We are unencumbered from legacy methods and models.

The world is looking for a vision from corporate management, investment management and Government that maps a clear path to 2050. We provide that vision. We are on a journey.


Our Team

Our unique value is our team. We are experienced, from diverse backgrounds and have skills which compliment each other. We are a unique blend of experience from running global businesses, managing private capital and managing public listed funds. We have come together from successful backgrounds in our own fields and are united by our collective vision. We have an extraordinary range of expertise. We are here because we can make a difference.

We have managed funds at one of the World’s largest fund managers. We have managed multibillion dollar infrastructure funds. We have run businesses all over the World, most notably in the construction, development and sustainability sector.

We don’t need to establish this fund. We want to. We are resilient, robust, creative and have a wealth of experience beyond that which you would ordinarily expect to find in a team establishing a fund such as this.


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